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The Trust Is Gone. Help!

Your spouse cheated. You feel betrayed. The trust is gone. How can you ever get past something so world-shattering?

Recovering from infidelity and trusting again may be one of the hardest things you do. The hurt, anger, jealousy and betrayal you feel can be paralyzing, but rest assured, it can be done. In fact, not only can you fully recover from the infidelity, you and your spouse can fully rebuild the trust in your marriage.  The question for you is, do you want your marriage, and if so, do you want it to thrive?  If your answer is yes, you must rebuild the trust and the only way to do it is to take action.

The Trust Is Gone. Help! is written by Davida Grant Brown, a certified marriage coach and Co-Founder of yesmarriagerocks.com, who transparently shares her own experience with infidelity and many components of the signature process she and her husband developed to help couples who want to save their marriage after infidelity.  So, if you have a burning desire to save your marriage and move forward and you recognize yourself in one of these categories below, then The Trust Is Gone. Help! can help you: 

  • Don't know if you even have the ability to trust again.
  • Are tired of waiting for the next shoe to drop
  • Are tired of checking his phone, email and social media pages
  • Dont know how to convert your decision to forgive and trust him again into actually forgiving and trusting him
  • Are looking for someone whos been there, done that, and is not family, a friend or connected to your church

This practical self-help guide not only identifies the issues preventing you from moving forward, but gives you specific questions to answer and actions to perform individually and as a couple in critically important areas of your marriage so that you can actually move past the infidelity and restore trust in your marriage.

The Trust Is Gone. Help! provides step-by-step strategies that will help you:

• Figure out if you want your marriage and how to make that decision without conditions
• Perform a mental reset to put you in the best position to trust again or be trustworthy
• Translate the decision to forgive into forgiveness in your heart
• Identify any underlying issues in your marriage that may have contributed to the infidelity
• Establish clear boundaries moving forward, including Dos and Donts for each spouse
• Develop opportunities to build and exercise trust

The Trust is Gone. Help! is a pragmatic approach to equipping couples with the necessary tools to move forward and beyond the infidelity, together. This book is another resource provided by Marriage Rocks, LLC (www.yesmarriagerocks.com) to help couples enhance and strengthen their marriage.

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Customer Reviews

13 review(s) posted (write review)

5 product stars
Trust Is Gone. Help - Taylor - 5/12/2016
Thank you so much. Such a great combination. The way the book is written and how emotionally deep it hits us, that's exactly what we needed. I'm forever grateful. I still am having a hard time with my forgiving cycle. It seems like it is taking forever, but with this book, it gives me faith. Especially when we share our answers with one another.

5 product stars
Trust Is Gone. Help - Dixie - 6/4/2016
Very helpful. I recommend it.

5 product stars
TheTrust Is Gone - Madison - 5/7/2016
Chapter 2 is on point for me. I lost who I was and what I was capable of going through this. The right mindset does matter. I see that.

5 product stars
The Trust Is Gone. Help - Simone - 5/1/2016
The author's transparency reallllllly helps. For the first time I feel like I'm not crazy with all the ups and downs I'm going through. I'm still trying to figure out if I want to stay with him. Having specific questions to help me really focus on what I want is what I needed. The questions are hard for me but I'm working through them and they are helping me to stay focused. Great read.

5 product stars
Trust Is Gone Help - Marie - 6/28/2016
Very good questions. Working our way through it.

5 product stars
Trust Is Gone. Help - Michael - 4/29/2016
I'm still struggling with the embarrassment I feel. This workbook is helping me to focus my energy on what I want for my marriage and for me. I just bought a copy for my husband. Glad there are exercises for us to perform separately. For the first time since it happened, I think we are starting to really hear each other. It is a process, a hard one. But we are finally taking steps and this book is helping.

4 product stars
The Trust Is Gone. Help - Paula - 5/6/2016
Lot of food for thought in it.

4 product stars
The Trust Is Gone. Help! - Nisa - 4/25/2016
Getting over my husband's cheating is so hard. The book is helping. Their sharing of the specifics of what happened and the specific actions they took to get past it are buying helpful. That's the type of help I've been looking for in a book. The journaling activity is really helping me and I'm better at communicating my thoughts and what I need better. Im finally starting to see a light in the tunnel.

4 product stars
The Trust Is Gone. Help - Andrea - 4/24/2016
So happy I found this book. The exercises are really helping. I've been struggling over the past year with whether I want to stay in my marriage after my husband's infidelity. The questions in Chapter 1 really helped me to focus and helped us as a couple decide to really move forward. We're heavily into the second principle. We've talked more in the last few weeks than we did all last year. We want our marriage and having decided that I am hopeful we can reach the goal of staying together.

4 product stars
Trust Is Gone. Help - Bryan - 5/2/2016
I got this book for my wife. She's says it's helping her think through what's important. We're talking more. Glad I found something that can hopefully get us past what I did to her and my family.

4 product stars
Trust Is Gone. Help - Marsha - 5/5/2016
I so badly want to be where you are. I'm in so much pain. I read this book from cover to cover. Gave me a lot to think about. Hard questions. But knowing that you did it and how you did it is encouraging.

4 product stars
The Trust Is Gone. Help - Tonya - 4/29/2016
Hearing the details of the infidelity in your marriage was very helpful. Our situation was pretty similar. We've been stuck at wanting to save our marriage, but not having a specific path to do it. We are heavily into the second principle and those exercises are EVERYTHING! We are moving in the right direction.

4 product stars
What I Needed - Anonymous - 1/9/2018
This workbook has been extremely helpful. The questions are helping me to stay on track cuz i m all over the place in my head.

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